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About Outback Trailers

Our Mission here at Outback Trailers is simple:

Build the Best Quality Trailer on the Market at a Reasonable Price.


Our Guarantee has backed up that promise of quality for over 20 years by offering a lifetime warranty on every trailer we build. To this day, we don’t know of any other trailer manufacturer that is willing to make that guarantee.


Our Customers are intelligent consumers. They work hard every day and they want the best value for their buck. We know they “shop around” to make sure they’re confident in their purchase and we encourage you to shop around, too. Yes, we know there are “cheaper” products out there, but when you find them, ask how they’re going to guarantee your investment say, one, ten, or even thirty years down the road. Our customers choose to buy high-quality equipment that they know will take care of them for as long as they choose to own it, rather than having to purchase several of a lesser quality piece over the years. To them, it just makes better sense, even if it means paying a few extra dollars today to save thousands of “extra” dollars over the years to come.


The bottom line is: Dollar for Dollar, Outback Trailers is the best deal you’ll find anywhere. Period.


When you’re ready to learn more about us, or just about trailers in general, feel free to stop by, call us or email us. We love talking with our customers and helping you find a custom built trailer to satisfy your needs perfectly!


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